Thursday, May 19, 2011

The 'Burgh in Bloom

The old saying "April showers bring May flowers" seems to be reversed in Edinburgh. Back in April it was sunny enough to inspire my many walks to various cafes to study. The sun also seemed to inspire the trees to beautifully blossom. Each week something new pushed its away up from the soil, one week pansies, the next daffodils, and one of the best surprises, cherry blossoms. I thought I had left D.C.'s cherry blossoms behind, but when I saw the friendly and familiar pink petals poking out from the branches I couldn't help but smile. They lined the Meadows like a royal canopy that made me feel like reading and revising was some higher duty. I took a break from my books and got the camera to capture it. Sorry for the delay in posting these, but I had to make sure you got see almost as much of Barcelona as I did.

There's a season for everything and unfortunately my beloved cherry blossoms were short-lived and to be replaced by the standard dandelion. With the weeds, came Edinburgh's charming 30MPH wind blowing my skirt up in a very un-Marilyn Monroe like moment and the pollen all around town. Now even a half open window requires me to reach for the Claritin. It reminds me of part in Howard's End when everyone has hayfever and you know some other conflicts transpiring. Even crueler, now that exams are over and I can finally enjoy the sun it rains on and off about four times a day. Guess Scotland is making sure I get all of its charm before I leave in over week.

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