Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Living Color

When you return from vacation everything looks a little brighter and tastes a little sweeter. Perhaps this is because you've spent too much time staring into the sun on the beach and oversaturating your tastebuds with sugary ice cream, but nevertheless it leaves everything in a delightful little haze. After spending a week on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts with my family, I find it hard to return to routine. How can I, when I still find sand tumbling out of my shoes and skin turning red to the touch from more sun than my Scottish-acclimated skin could handle?

To demonstrate the pleasant fog that is returning to reality after a week of doing nothing more than reading with the Atlantic's waves as your soundtrack, I decided to post some photos that are more abstract than usual. For the Malone family, going to Nantucket is not about soaking up the local history rich in whaling or doing activities more arduous than carrying a cooler down to the beach, so I can't pepper this post with factoids and anecdotes about sightseeing mishaps. Instead I thought I'd show you the details of Nantucket via the rainbow.
So without further ado, Nantucket in colors!

As soon as I get my brain back from vacation mode, I promise to caption these photos with some sardonic observations. We may have been relaxed, but I can't say the same for the rest of the islands inhabitants. After all, we were on the East Coast, where parking at the grocery store is like combat.


  1. gorgeous, simply gorgeous!!

    glad to have you back in the groove tess!

  2. these are so beautiful tess! always love me some color :)